All Time Vision

Basket of Idea

Blue Energy

Each home, facility, equipment shall be equipped with customized complementary blue energy generator. For example, at noon your facility is powered by solar cell, or perhaps wind mill. Hopefully there’s already a reasonable-sized capacitor to preserve power so that can be used at the absence of energy sources.

Each roof-top must consist plantation to absorb carbon dioxide.


One Chip for All Purpose

In time, you don’t have to bring multiple cards.

You can use one card consist of smart chip which has the functionality of:

  1. GSM card
  2. Credit Card
  3. ID Card
  4. Insurance
  5. Security

Authoring Blogs made Easy

It’s awesome. Currenty I manage more than 5 Blogs. Thanks to Technology, to WordPress, to CSS, etc.

In the Future, I am hoping writing blogs will be as easy as texting sms on cell phone. Blogspot had done it using email post. While wordpress still stuck on which is on my humble opnion is not practical. My network here still cannot provide nation-wide 3G connection, very awful.

Yes, texting your blog using sms hopefully will be next technology in the wordpress. in the mean time, let’s just keep visioning what you want this world to become. Enjoy.