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Cell Regeneration

Future Technology will enable our cell to regenerate themselves. Therefore no more fatal illness cannot be cured. The Technology shall come from Clonning Methods, where the damaged cells are replaced with the new one. Amazingly perhaps no any expensive medicine is required, since the curing process is happen in the cells itself.

To make our cells regenerable, several methods can be performed:

  1. Injected just like Vaccination
  2. Automatically inherited
Technology like this will probably breat immortal generation wont they?

Anti-DNA Ultimate Weapon

Every species has a unique DNA structure, it will differ one from another. Someday, there’s a biotechnology to create anti-DNA. Specifically each creature can be identified its DNA structure and has the anti-DNA. Once you expect certain species to be eliminated, and then let it is.
The technology probably will be in microwave form. Just simply broadcast the anti-DNA microwave, and then certain species will response it in deadly way. If you hate certain people, you can kill them remotely. And people who hate you perhaps will do the same. :D

No Cost World

Imagine the world without cost. Free exploite all its resources, limitless. No more fight, no more suffering. The World without passion, only peace.

There’s no such world.