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Internet Based TV Channel

Yup, so you can choose what kind of show you want to watch. News, Movies, Video clips, etc. However when there’s breaking news or any information need to be informed to the viewers, still the provider can deliver it through scrolling banner, or kind of pop-up message. That would be very attractive.

But i am expecting there’s no cost to experience it. Since, more advertiser will have bigger chance to show their promotion during the show. It’s just kind of Innovation.

Imagine of 24-hours non stop updated news, telequiz, movies, all on your request. There’s also filterization for the audience. If you want to keep your children to watch the program safely, simple setup can be set with password. It helps you to protect your children for inappropriate show.

Shopping online become possible through television, just click and input your credit card number. Or perhaps, there’s already a technology to safely identify the validation of the buyer. Watching television just like browsing internet experience. See the advertisement, click on it, figure it, and buy it.

Online communication shall possible, not just one-on-one but communities through video conference. Again, all happens in internet based Television. So you can discuss the TV channel you all are watching together. Comment on it, and send to the producers as feedback or just your community blogs.

Man, can’t wait that period…


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